Client Centered

We defend your rights in the best manner with the principle of client-oriented working.

Solution Oriented

We lead you to a solution with the experience we have gained from past cases.

Fast and Effective

With the advantage of mastering the processes in our areas of expertise, we deliver you to the solution faster.

Dynamic & Up-to-date

Legal regulations in Turkey and the world are renewing ourselves by following the anbedi.

Areas of Working

Works you can lean back and leave to Law Office & Consultancy Inc.

Commecial Law

Commercial law services for our clients who work and invest in Turkey and abroad.

Law of Obligations

Legal counseling services in cases such as tort claims, material damages due to contracts or wrongful acts.

Business Law

We ensure that the human resources department of the companies is formed within the scope of the disputes arising from the labor-employer relationship in labor law.

Tax Law

We provide services that provide results for the resolution of small tax disputes of natural and legal persons.

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