Architecture Inc. works to present projects, ideas and designs that address the needs of today and tomorrow with the effort to provide you with quality and healthy living spaces.

By following the developing and changing technology, we develop new life areas by developing original and devoted projects with our team of experts and engineers who are experts in their field.
We are aiming to meet the needs of tomorrow by supporting all of its knowledge with new developments in the field of architecture.

The priority of Architecture Inc. has never been to the mission & vision.
Achieving determination, honesty, customer satisfaction, globalization and contributing to the society are among our core values and constitute one of the supporting powers of our corporate strategies.

In order to create projects that appeal to nature and human, by adding the touch of the artist in everything we reveal; We are always trying to invest in the future and to sign for the future.
Without losing the original spirit of architecture, to contribute to architecture and architectural design worldwide and to be at the forefront of leading architectural companies will always be our priority.

Architecture Inc, which maximizes customer satisfaction with its high standard services and materials, respects the ideas, time and rights of its customers and strives to fulfill its responsibilities to humanity, nature and universal values meticulously. We will always be working to create healthy living spaces that will make a difference to the projects and architecture we undertake.

What have we done?

Dozens of institutions and organizations preferred Architecture Inc's designs for their projects.


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Ayrancı Mah. Hoşdere Cad. No:123 Çankaya/ANKARA

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0312 123 45 67

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