Construction Inc. since 1990. He worked as a manager in various national and international projects Civil Engineer started its operations in 2000 by our founder.

Areas of Expertise

  • Marine structures construction, repair,
  • Protection of marine structures in water and water parts against corrosion,
  • Cathodic protection by cathodic protection or cathodic protection with sacrificial anode system in relation to parts of sea structures in water,
  • Deniz yapılarıyla ilgili olarak; usturmaça, iskele babası, çabuk bırakma kancası, ırgat (halat feneri), gemi denize indirme hava yastıkları (airbags), havalı silindirik usturmaçalar, köpük dolu usturmaçalar,  yanaştırma sistemleri ve navigasyon cihazlarının temini ve montajı.
  • Applications of industrial epoxy and polyurethane flooring and epoxy and polyurethane paints;
  • Construction, repair and protection of concrete and asphalt paved areas,

Also our company

  • It is based on the use of materials with international quality certification in its applications and works with the highest quality workmanship, materials and machines in order to get the best results.
  • They work meticulously under the supervision of materials procurement companies and under the supervision of expert technicians.
  • With the satisfaction and support of the customers it has been serving since the day it was established, it has been expanding its expertise and application field and continues its works rapidly and enriches its experience with international cooperation.

What have we done?

Dozens of ports and Turkey's leading companies, opted Construction Inc. in the project.


Construction Inc.


Construction Inc. has been operational since 2000 by our founder Civil Engineer who has worked as a manager in various national and international projects.

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0312 123 45 67

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