Trade Registry Procedures

We offer consultancy services at all stages of your company's trade register, such as organization, type change, change of structure, authorization, liquidation entry and liquidation, general assembly transactions.
You can work with us from your first organization.

Tax Consultancy

We provide consultancy services in all cases where domestic / international taxes are the subject of investment and commercial activities.
Likewise, you can request consultancy on tax debts, installments and tax debts.

Investment and Incentive Consultancy

You may be missing out on incentive and grant opportunities in your sector.
We direct you to see if your projects can be covered by the incentive programs of the relevant public institutions.

Or if you have ideas / projects that will interest our investors; We are bringing your initiative to people who can fund your projects.

Social Security Consultancy

- Installment of SGK debts,
- Insured pension and debt counseling
- Establishment and consultancy services for private training personnel,
- Establishment and consultancy services for special service personnel,
- Receiving a work permit for foreign workers,

we offer services in this categories.

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