Commecial Law

We provide services in the field of commercial law for our clients who work and invest in Turkey and abroad.

We prepare privatization, public offering, mergers and acquisitions, and negotiate and reconcile the assets and share sales contracts.

Tax Law

We provide services that provide results for the resolution of small tax disputes of natural and legal persons.
We represent and guide our clients regarding the accrual and irregularities imposed by the revenue authorities, tax offices and the customs authorities.
We ensure that the resulting penalties are resolved by consensus.

Law of Obligations

Tenders, financial damages due to contracts or wrongful acts, cancellation of contracts, contract return, responsibilities, default reduction, debt reduction, current account, assignment of debt, transfer of debt, transfer of assets or business, mergers and changes in the subjects such as We provide legal advice.

Business Law

We ensure that the human resources department of the companies is formed within the scope of the disputes arising from the labor-employer relationship in labor law.
We provide legal consultancy services within the legal framework for the smooth operation of the unit and we resolve any disputes arising from the service relationship between the employee and the employer.

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